Let’s Go Zero school action:
St Bernard’s Primary School, Scotland

St Bernard’s Primary have been working on sustainability through both environmental and social via their Eco-Committee and Fairtrade Committee. Some initiatives they have worked on include: 

  • Introducing Meat-free Mondays. 
  • Annual ‘Lights Out’ day to save energy. 
  • Students run a Fairtrade tuckshop and have been awarded Fairtrade status 3 years in a row.  
  • Introducing Junior Road Safety Officers and other active travel initiatives. 
School girl planting seedling in soil.

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The teachers and students leading the action:

“It is important for all within our school community that our school had an awareness of environmental issues and ethical trading in order to become effective contributors and responsible citizens.

Debbie Nelson
Principal Teacher

What are they doing in their school?

The school has introduced Junior Road Safety Officers which are a group of students who support on all active travel initiatives. These include ‘Walk to School Week’, ‘Bike to School Week’, Anti-idling campaigns and closing the school street at pick up and drop off to encourage ‘Park and Stride’.

The schools catering staff provide and cook fresh food daily. They have introduced Meatfree Mondays alongside other healthy choices throughout the week. 

Students have planted ‘Beebombs’ to encourage the growth of wildflowers to help the bee population. The school have also built an outdoor classroom to support outdoor learning sessions.  

The school organises termly litter picks to keep their local area tidy and develop a sense of pride within their pupils.   

St Bernard’s Primary have installed LED lighting with an automatic switch off system in place.  Alongside this they also hold annual ‘Lights Out’ day to save energy, challenging staff and students to spend the day without electricity.