Organisations that can help you take action

There are lots of organisations that can help you take action on food. Take a look at the help available and discover what other schools are doing.

Learning through Fairtrade opens up a fascinating world, revealing how we are all connected. Use their curriculum resources to discover where our food comes from. A school or nursery can become a Fairtrade School and part of a worldwide movement. It offers a great opportunity to look at global issues, such as where our food comes from, and how we are connected to people around the world. Students can also learn a range of skills, from teamwork and co-operation to persuasive writing and running a stall or tuck shop 

Food for Life brings schools, nurseries, hospitals, care homes and their surrounding communities together around the core ethos of healthy, tasty and sustainable food. Their School Award supports schools in taking a whole school approach that sees them grow their own food; organise trips to farms; provide cooking and growing clubs for pupils and their families; serve freshly prepared, well-sourced meals and provide an attractive dining environment.  

ProVeg UK supports local authorities, multi-academy trusts and individual schools throughout the UK through its School Plates programme. The team helps school menus become healthier, more sustainable and save money through menu reviews, plant-based recipe development and both online and in-person plant-based cooking training with catering staff. You can download The Guide to the programme, as well as The Recipes – 35 plant-based recipes, created specifically for primary schools with key nutrition facts, costs, allergens and CO2 emissions for each recipe. The team have so far helped to swap over 6.4 million meals from meat-based to meat-free or plant-based. They are currently supporting 35 major catering partners (including 29 local authorities), responsible for over 3,500 schools, and over 580,000 children. For more information, get in touch at  

Green Schools Project’s Zero Carbon Schools Programme is a series of pupil sessions, teacher training and community engagement outreach that supports pupils to learn more about climate change and for schools to reduce their carbon emissions. The programme explores the causes and effects of the climate crisis, investigates schools’ carbon footprints and enables pupils to design projects to reduce carbon emissions and inspire climate action. It starts after October half term and runs until the end of the school year. Find out more and sign up here! 

Need Inspiration?

Find out how schools around the UK are taking action on climate change

Schools are also advised to contact your local authority to see what they offer in terms of support.

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