Let’s Go Zero school action:
Furze Platt Senior School, England

Furze Platt Senior Schools’ key priorities of the governing body is to ensure that the school is as climate friendly as possible. To do this they have started a sustainability group including staff, students, and governors. The sustainability group have made great progress by: 

  • Creating a heat and energy decarbonization plan. 
  • Allocating a section of the school grounds for a new nature garden. 
  • Setting up a student Eco-Club.

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The teachers and students leading the action:

We have a climate emergency and so many people, including governments and leaders, are sticking their heads in the sand despite the overwhelming evidence that we need to act. And we need to act fast.”

Lynne Moore
Head of Operations 

“Remember that every little action, no matter how small, can help make our school an eco-friendly place”

School Eco Code  

What are they doing in their school?

The student Eco-Club organised a student’s survey which resulted in more recycling bins to be placed around the school and the installation of a new water dispenser to try and eliminate the sale of plastic water bottles.

The Eco-Club have also developed an Eco Code to act as a guide for all students to follow.  

During the pandemic a large marquee was installed on the school grounds to support with separating students and bubbles. Once this was no longer needed that space was made into a new nature garden. 

A competition was organised for the students to design the new garden and elements of three of the best designs were used to create the final garden. These included a wildflower meadow, small solar panel water feature and water butt.  

The school received some funding from the PTA, donations of bark, flowers and other items from the local community and were supported by a local group of volunteers to help establish the wildflower meadow.  

The school has also introduced a Long Service Award, for staff that have been at the school for 10 years or more. Staff have the option of a voucher or a tree to be planted on the school site in the new nature garden.

Furze Platt Senior School have created a heat and energy decarbonization plan which will help them to act quickly as and when they receive funding.  

Working with a local organisation, MaidEnergy, they have installed solar panels on two of their buildings with the hope to install more in the future. 

100% of their grid electricity is now from renewable energy sources and 35% of their lighting has been replaced by LEDs with the hope to replace the remaining 65% as soon as possible.  

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