Let’s Go Zero school action:
New City College, England

New City College have ten campuses and over 20,000 students. They have embarked on this zero-carbon journey with ambition and enthusiasm involving staff, students, and the wider community. To name a few initiatives these include:

  • Donating all cooking oil to London taxis as biogas.
  • Removing the sale of plastic water bottles on all campuses.
  • Introduced carbon literacy training for all departments.

Explore the Let’s Go Zero map to see where else teachers, students and school communities are taking action to become zero carbon by 2030.

The teachers and students leading the action:

“New City College are committed to their ethical and legal responsibilities to reduce the environmental impact of our estate and practices.”

Nina Delia
Environmental Sustainability Manager

What are they doing in their school?

An initiative raised by students themselves, the college as now stopped the sale of plastic water bottles across all campuses and installed water fountains at various locations.

Used cooking oil from the Catering course is now being donated to London taxis to use as biogas.

The college have started their journey to become a hedgehog friendly campus and have planted over 100 trees across six campuses.

All facilities managers are trained in carbon literacy which supports future plans in decarbonising the college estate.

The college have introduced environmental elements into the procurement matrix that requires each service provider to report on their environmental impact and emissions.

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