Let’s Go Zero school action:
St Catherine’s Primary, Glasgow

St Catherine’s Primary renews their Green Action Plan every two years offering the staff and students priority areas to focus on. During the course of their action plans they have been able to undertake a number of various initiatives including:

  • Having outdoor learning days to re connect with nature and collaborate with other local schools in food growing.


  • Organising litter picks and student recycling monitors.


  • Embedding biodiversity into the curriculum as a whole school approach.

Explore the Let’s Go Zero map to see where else teachers, students and school communities are taking action to become zero carbon by 2030.

The teachers and students leading the action:

“The children respond so well to outdoor learning, they really enjoy it”

Jennifer Anderson
Principal teacher

What are they doing in their school?

The schools Eco committee take turns to empty recycling bins and organise litter picks.

St Catherine’s Eco committee decided on having a non-uniform day to raise money for outdoor learning equipment, such as bug catchers, magnifying glasses and compasses. Each class have raised beds for food growing and collaborate with other local schools to hire a professional gardener for lessons.

Teachers have embedded biodiversity into the whole school. They also created lesson plans around COP26 and took part in interactive workshops so everyone could understand and get involved with the global conversation around climate change. Each class designed their own superhero for sustainability.

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