Let’s Go Zero school action:
St Winifred’s Primary School, Lewisham, England 

St Winifred’s Primary School has done an extensive amount of work in taking climate action through making changes to how the school is managed and helping staff and students. To name a few actions they have taken: 

  • Installed over 130 solar panels onto their school roof. 
  • Has been awarded the Gold STAR award for sustainable travel. 
  • The students have come up with ideas to reduce food waste. 


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The teachers and students leading the action:

 We have a sustainability policy now that develops a whole school approach, like a golden thread that runs through the school. It includes staff, parents, children, governors, instead of relying on one person”

Aidan Cunningham
Class teacher and sustainability lead

What are they doing in their school?

The school have been awarded the Gold STAR award for sustainable travel. This has taken a lot of work engaging staff, students and parents and guardians in their sustainable travel action plan encouraging active and sustainable travel to and from school.

The students have been empowered to come up with ideas to reduce food waste including feeding back to the catering company on what meals the students like to eat, and for the meals to represent the diversity in the school.  

Students have also written to their local council requesting them to collect the food waste from the school. This action has led to the council agreeing for them to take part in a pilot project to test how this would work. 

The school have installed 136 solar panels on some of the roof tops and have smart meters recording electricity usage around the school. The students take part in switch off campaigns that help to reduce energy use and wastage. 

Two students from each year group are part of the student council which also encompasses sustainability and climate action. Their involvement empowers them to come up with new ideas and initiatives to support the schools zero carbon journey.  

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