Let’s go for ambition. Let’s go for working together. Let’s go zero.

To join Let's Go Zero, you must have authority to sign your school up.

By joining the campaign, your school confirms that it wants be zero carbon by 2030, that it's taking action now to reduce its own carbon impact, and that it calls for the UK Government help all schools reach this goal by the end of the decade.

I'm a school or college staff member

with authority to sign up on behalf of my school, college or academy chain.

Don’t have authority to sign your school up but still want to get involved with Let’s Go Zero?

You can join a group of students, teachers and parents all taking action to help their schools become cleaner and greener by joining Let's Go Zero.

I'm a student
or teacher

I don't have authority to sign my school up but I want to help them join Let's Go Zero.

I'm a parent or community member

I want to help a school sign up

Contact us

Email: letsgozero@ashden.org
Twitter: @LetsGo_Zero

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