Let’s Go Zero school action:
The High School Leckhampton, England 

The High School Leckhampton is a new school that opened in September 2021 who has pledged to be environmentally friendly and become net zero. Sustainability is a focus throughout the school, initiatives include: 

  • Using sustainable and active travel for school trips 
  • Installing solar panels on the roof 
  • Making classrooms an extension of the school grounds by having plants on windowsills 


Many initiatives they take, are not only environmental but saves money, creating a win-win scenario. 

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The teachers and students leading the action:

“The expectation is that it’s not just a responsibility that the Eco-Committee takes on, nor the senior leadership team, but every single member of the school community.” 

Katherine Kennedy
Curriculum Lead for Science

What are they doing in their school?

When the school plans trips, sustainability of transport is considered essential and using coaches is the last resort. For example, for a Year 7 trip to the Cheltenham Literature Festival, all staff and students walked 40 minutes into town instead of taking a coach. This way everyone gets exercise, it saves money and it’s better for the environment.

Being a new school, the school grounds and plants are just becoming established. However, there is a lot of outdoor space with seating and trees. The school hopes to plant more trees and create biodiversity areas. Staff are making classrooms an extension of the school grounds by having plants on windowsills.

The school has solar panels on the roof with any excess energy being sold back to the grid. There is a monitor screen by the school reception so everyone can see how much energy is being generated in real time.

The school has a student Eco-Committee who are a group of dedicated and motivated students. All the actions and initiatives undertaken in the school are heavily student-led.  

Students even contribute to staff recruitment, with an essential question that always gets put forward by them ‘We want to be an eco-school, what are you going to do to help us be more environmentally friendly?’

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