Let’s Go Zero Energy Saving Quick Wins For Schools

  1. Get every department to do a Switch Off assessment for non-usage times – lights, computers, equipment, kitchen, science labs, etc. A 10% saving on an increased energy bill is significant – it could lead to £10k plus in savings (maybe £20-30k for a large secondary).  – does the extra science department staff room need to run it’s own fridge for a couple of staff packed lunches? Are the lights always on in the Year 3 area because the blinds are always closed on the windows? Get inspired with how to take action by reading our school case studies.
  2. Share information on increased energy costs to everyone in the school. Convert the increase into what else that money could buy (for instance a staff member’s salary or being able to buy in learning support).
  3. Ask for help – there is an enormous amount of help and guidance out there, from local authorities, environmental groups, local businesses and Let’s Go Zero.  
  4. Explore energy efficiency and renewables support programmes – there are many ways to improve your estate with both government and private finance. Work with companies that have been recommended by another school, or through your local authority.
  5. Don’t turn heating on until at least October half term – and make sure that thermostats are set at the recommended temperature of 19 degrees °C for classrooms (most schools overheat the classrooms). Only heat the school when everyone is there – not from when the first person arrives and the last person leaves. Consider creating zones within your school – so you can individually control heating in different areas.
  6. Be ruthless about retaining the heat – ensuring that doors and windows are closed and that you have insulated wherever possible. Make sure your rental price to external organisations outside of school hours reflects the cost you are paying to heat and light the space.
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