Support Zero Carbon Schools

Teachers and students want to tackle the climate crisis.

Can you help them reach their zero carbon goals?

We are seeking funding and strategic partners to support the Let’s Go Zero campaign. Your backing will help us bring more schools into our network and equip them with practical advice on sustainability, and to continue our work with government to ensure that the policies and funding schools need to fulfil their ambitions are in place.  

By investing in the green schools movement, you will be lowering carbon emissions, inspiring young people and supporting a radical shift to sustainability in communities across the UK.

What we've achieved so far

  • Over 1,640 schools representing 800,000 students and 130,000 staff have signed up to the campaign.  
  • We launched the Action Planning Tool to support schools to plan and prioritise climate actions  
  • Following a successful campaign at COP26, Let’s Go Zero has been appointed a key stakeholder in the consultation for the Department of Educations’ new climate strategy.  
  • We’ve secured coverage of the campaign and Let’s Go Zero schools in national and industry press, as well as on national television, including Sky News’ The Daily Climate Show. 

Our partnership with IKEA UK

We are also delighted to confirm that IKEA UK has joined forces with Let’s Go Zero as the coalition’s corporate partner. IKEA and Let’s Go Zero are united in their belief that children are the most important people in the world and that schools can play a vital role in educating future generations to make sustainable, healthy choices in their lifestyles. 

Marsha Smith, Deputy Country Retail Manager at IKEA UK & Ireland, said: “At IKEA, we’ve set ambitious goals to guide us on our journey to becoming climate positive by 2030, and radical collaboration is the way forward to deliver meaningful, systemic action. In Ashden, we have found a partner that can help us accelerate our vision of creating a better, healthier and more sustainable life at home for many people – and when we say home, we mean it in its broader sense, to encompass neighbourhoods and communities.” 

The need to create a greener world for future generations is one of the main drivers of growing public support for climate action.

Supporting Let’s Go Zero is a great way to show your commitment to this challenge. 

To find out more and join the campaign, contact Lucy Blackburn. 



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