The Climate Action Countdown

29 days of fun, inclusive, inspiring action.

Every day from 7 June to 5 July, schools around the UK are taking on a different activity linked to sustainability.

7 June to 5 July – Save the date for the Climate Action Countdown


Free resources when you sign up

Our calendar gives you 29 days of fun, inclusive, inspiring action. We have everything you need to make your month of action a success. From worksheets to assembly presentations, colouring sheets to manifestos, social media posts to a song to raise your voices to.

The Climate Action Countdown resources
Girl outside holding a garden bird bingo card

Everyone is welcome

You can take part as a whole school, or do the activities as a class, eco-club, or individual student. Kitchen teams, caretakers and other staff can also help their school get involved. And we’d love homeschoolers to join us too. 

Even if you don’t attend or work at a school, please let your family, neighbours or wider community know about this great opportunity. We’ve plenty of brilliant, free and fun resources to help them join in.

How to take part

Your daily activity can be anything you like but to make things easier, we’ve made a Climate Action Calendar with fun and easy challenges to try out. They range from holding a uniform swap shop, planting a butterfly bush, serving up a meat-free Monday and taking part in our Great Big Climate Quiz.

If there’s a challenge you like the look of but can’t do that day, you can always take part later in a way that suits you. Consider the calendar a pick and mix pack of fun climate actions.

The Climate Action Countdown Calendar

The Let’s Go Zero Coalition

The Climate Action Countdown is Let’s Go Zero’s annual climate action challenge. 

Our campaign is supporting schools to reach zero carbon by 2030. Remember, your small actions add up to one big difference.

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