Join UK schools taking on climate change.

Let’s Go Zero 2030 unites schools working to become carbon zero by 2030. That’s a huge challenge – but transforming our schools will help safeguard the planet for future generations.

It only takes a few moments to join Let’s Go Zero 2030, the national campaign demanding government backing for zero carbon schools. Every school that signs up is pledging to work towards a more sustainable future, while also urging the government to support this vital mission.

It’s time to prove that pupils, parents, teachers and governors are united in demanding change. By raising our voices together, we are showing the overwhelming support for zero carbon schools up and down the UK – and how they can be the spark for community action to tackle the climate crisis.

Let’s go for ambition. Let’s go for working together. Let’s go zero.

How It Works

You sign up and say that your school wants to be zero carbon by 2030.

By telling us what action your school is already taking and what you plan to do next, we can show how schools in the UK are leading the way in reducing carbon.

We keep you updated with lots of ideas and projects that will help you reduce your carbon even further.

We all tell the government to step up.

As thousands of schools join the campaign, we’ll show politicians that teachers, governors and pupils are determined to take on climate change. With a united voice, we will call for the policy changes and investment needed to make every school in the country zero carbon by 2030.

They're In - Will You Join Them?

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Let’s Go Zero brings together UK schools who want to be zero carbon, are reducing their own climate impact, and demanding greater UK government support to achieve this goal. The campaign will show national government that there is a substantial demand amongst teachers and pupils to become zero carbon, with the potential for schools to catalyse wider change in their communities.

Let’s Go Zero is a campaign for schools based in the UK. Any school or educational setting in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland can sign up to the campaign. Sign up can only be done by a person with authority. This means the headteacher, a member of the senior leadership team or a governor.

You will need to use an email address when signing up and to provide some basic information about your school. We will verify the email address that you provide.

By joining the campaign, a school is publicly declaring that they want to be zero carbon by 2030, and that it wants the UK government to enable schools in the UK to take more action on this issue.

This campaign is about showing aspiration. We know that being zero carbon is currently beyond the reach of most schools, but by working together and with government we believe it is achievable by 2030.

To be part of the campaign, schools are expected to be taking action to reduce their carbon impact, measuring this where feasible, and have ‘next step’ actions planned for the following year. They can indicate the steps they are taking from a checklist on the sign-up form.

By joining the campaign, schools commit to telling their students, communities and suppliers that they are part of Let’s Go Zero and aim to be zero carbon by 2030. We can provide the Let’s Go Zero logo for schools to do this.

We will shortly be releasing an online tool to help schools with their ongoing action planning. This will be part of the Transform Our World website – a source of great teacher-approved programmes and resources for schools.

A school that, on its site and through all its activities and procurement, does not contribute to climate change through carbon emissions. Key impact areas include energy use, travel, waste, water, procurement, food and school grounds.

The information we collect about schools helps us build a picture of carbon action in schools across the UK. This information is used to:

  • Keep schools in the campaign up to date about the campaign and let them know about actions they can take to reduce their carbon.
  • Share stories of what other schools are doing.
  • See trends in school behaviour and to understand the type, size and location and schools who are taking different types of actions. We aim to also quantify the carbon action in schools. All analysis and quantified data will be anonymised if shared.


We will share the information gathered by the campaign with our campaign partners, funders and with key policy and decision makers to help support the progress of decarbonising schools.

We will send schools the latest news and information on our work, campaigns, fundraising, events and other ways they can support Let’s Go Zero (schools can unsubscribe from these messages).

We hold and manage your details in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. We won’t share, sell or swap your information with other organisations for their own marketing purposes. You can read our Privacy Policy page for more information.

Let’s Go Zero is currently only available for schools based in the UK as it is brought to you by a coalition of UK-based organisations. If you are a school or organisation based outside of the UK, and are interested in finding out how you can start your own Let’s Go Zero campaign, please get in touch with us via the email below.

The campaign is run by Ashden (a UK-based climate solutions charity) in partnership with Global Action Plan, and a coalition of sustainable schools organisations.

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