2024 IKEA X Let’s Go Zero Competition winners

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In January 2024 we asked schools to let us know their brilliant sustainable projects they had planned at their school. We picked four of the best to get a little help from IKEA. The furniture giant gifted £1,500 of eco kit to each school to help them set up.

The winning projects range from squeezing new life out of preloved school uniforms, repair and reuse workshops, mental-health-boosting nature connection spaces, and an eco-learning events facility.

We can’t wait to see how these projects develop!

The ‘go outside’ classroom 

Students at Coppice Valley Primary School love outdoor learning and being out in nature. Their schools grounds play a big part in students’ mental health and well-being – giving students space to connect with nature and reflect. Their new outdoor seating means they can open their grounds up to the wider community and other local schools without green space. Though a small school, they have big plans, including holding on-site residentials and family workshops.

Group of children in school unifrom jumping off a brick wall

The uniform swap shop 

Having had no dedicated space for second hand uniform, Steward Fleming Primary School’s new swap shop will help students and their parents to be more sustainable and save on uniform costs. Their new swap shop will teach the students and their families about the importance of reusing clothes, and how it can help to reduce waste, conserve resources and save money.

Group of children outside sitting in their playground with their thumbs up

The upcycling and repairing hub 

Staff and students at Gateheads College see their new swap shop becoming a hub for education on the circular economy, and the benefits of repairing and reusing items. As well as offering second hand clothing to a huge number of students across their four campuses, the swap shop will be a place to learn practical repair and upcycling skills, empowering students and the community to live sustainably.

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The eco team’s sustainability space 

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Wallace High School’s ethos, and, with their new sustainability hub, they will create a dedicated and inclusive space for eco-learning. Their Eco-Team will use the space to meet, plan and hold events with guest speakers from different environmental groups. Other schools and local businesses will be invited to learn about sustainability practices, and the hub will be at the centre of the school’s eco-work.

Group of five boys in school unifrom outside carrying litter picking gear and a black bin bag

Need some inspiration for what to do next? Or are you just starting your climate action journey?

Let’s Go Zero Schools have been taken action in many different areas around the school, from energy saving to community engagement. Have a read and become inspired.

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