Earth Day: Schools are a crucial part of a growing global movement

This Earth Day 2021, the international day of environmental action, an estimated one billion people will come together across the planet around the theme #RestoreOurEarth. This year, this global audience is urged to focus not only on how we can reduce our impact on the planet but also on how we might actively repair ecosystems.

Thousands of students, teachers, parents and school staff are already doing this up and down the country. They’re planting trees, creating green corridors in their school grounds and running biodiversity projects. They’re setting up Eco Clubs to engage more young people in the issues of climate change, carrying out energy audits, cycling to school and even writing to their local MPs, urging them to support their school’s journey to zero carbon. 

Schools are one crucial part of a growing global movement to restore our Earth – one that’s reaching from Glasgow to Kenya, Yorkshire to Brazil.

#RestoreOurEarth is bigger than just one solution.

A more sustainable world requires efforts in every aspect of our society, and that starts with all of us. We must come together as a global community to make lasting change.

That’s why, across the UK, schools are declaring their aim to be #zerocarbon by 2030 with the Let’s Go Zero campaign. Students, teachers and parents are taking a positive step on a local level to help combat the climate issues we all face globally.

Schools inspire and lead our communities

By reducing their carbon footprint, UK schools could prevent 625,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. But schools play a crucial role in the fight against climate change beyond their contribution to national emissions.

With 42% of all UK households home to school-aged children, schools can be trailblazers for sustainability. At the very centre of our communities, they can respond to young people’s calls for action and encourage local families and businesses to join them in taking on the climate crisis. They influence our behaviour and create our decision makers. And they’re already inspiring entire communities to think and act differently, from car-free school runs to plant-based canteens.


????If your school is taking action to fight #climatechange, watch our video to learn how you’re one crucial part of a growing global movement to protect and #RestoreOurEarth, from farmers in Kenya to indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest.

Sign up to the Let’s Go Zero campaign today and join thousands of young people, teachers, business owners, famous faces and politicians, all supporting zero carbon schools.






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