Let’s Go Zero school action:
The Learning for Life Partnership, England 

The Learning for Life Partnership is a Trust of five primary schools who are at the start of their climate action journey. They have the whole school community on board by doing some quick easy wins such as:

  • Creating a ‘Let’s Go Zero’ Song for the whole Trust to learn.
  • Every school creating an action plan using The Schools Climate Action Planner.
  • Running a switch off campaign.
  • Having ‘No Mow Zones’ in every school.

The Trust hope to continue to develop initiatives in travel and the curriculum to engage students further as they move along their journey to zero carbon

Explore the Let’s Go Zero map to see where else teachers, students and school communities are taking action to become zero carbon by 2030.

The teachers and students leading the action:

“When we start having these conversations with our children, the enthusiasm is already there and some of the knowledge as well.”

Rachael Rivers
CPD Lead

What are they doing in their school?

The Trust organised some online and in person talks from Water Aid. As a consequence, one of the schools has started collecting rainwater and using this for food growing.

Each school in the Trust pegged out a ‘No Mow Zones’ during the Spring term. They then monitored the area over the course of the summer seeing the biodiversity of plants and insects increase and the area was left to establish.

The Trust was looking for a project that would not overwhelm staff but would engage the students in this topic. A switch off campaign gave them this easy win.

The students designed posters and some of the schools ran a competition. The best posters were then put up around the school and switches, empowering students to turn off lights and electronics when they are not being used. This had an impact on consumption and made both students and staff more aware on energy saving.

Most schools in the Trust have set up an Eco-Club working alongside their teachers on topics of sustainability. Being huge forces for nature in different initiatives such as the switch off campaign.

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