IKEA X LGZ Competition for schools: Applications close 20 March 2023 After a successful launch last year, the IKEA X Let’s Go Zero school competition is back again – encouraging teachers and pupils to sign up and submit ideas which will make their school more sustainable – whether reducing emissions or increasing biodiversity – as part […]


OVO Foundation Nature Prize for schools: Applications close 6 March 2023 Let’s Go Zero has launched a new Nature Prize for schools in partnership with OVO Foundation The Nature Prize will support schools to increase access to nature for their students and local communities, improve biodiversity in their school grounds, and kick-start climate action. OVO […]

OVO Foundation and Let’s Go Zero Partnership

We are excited to announce that the OVO Foundation is partnering with Ashden through our Let’s Go Zero campaign. Over the next three years, we’ll be working together to unite more schools in their journey to be zero carbon by 2030 and create a greener, brighter future for the next generation. Ashden and the OVO […]

Let’s Go Zero Energy Saving Quick Wins For Schools

Get every department to do a Switch Off assessment for non-usage times – lights, computers, equipment, kitchen, science labs, etc. A 10% saving on an increased energy bill is significant – it could lead to £10k plus in savings (maybe £20-30k for a large secondary).  – does the extra science department staff room need to run […]

UK school’s climate policy: 2022 Update so far

UK school’s climate policy In April, the Department for Education launched its Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy. While this strategy included many positive new policies called for by the Let’s Go Zero campaign, it missed some big opportunities.  The strategy is a step in the right direction but does not go far enough, fast enough, […]

Department for Education’s Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy released

The Department for Education has launched its Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy which includes the launch of a new natural History GCSE. But providing schools with the means to decarbonise quickly was glaringly absent in the strategy. The government must do better – far, far quicker. Across the UK, schools are working together to become […]

IKEA UK and Let’s Go Zero corporate partnership

IKEA UK has joined forces with Let’s Go Zero as the coalition’s corporate partner. IKEA and Let’s Go Zero are united in their belief that children are the most important people in the world and that schools can play a vital role in educating future generations to make sustainable, healthy choices in their lifestyles. With […]

Let’s Go Zero Schools Webinars

For over a year we’ve been campaigning to help schools become zero carbon by 2030, and now we want to share the experiences of some of our trailblazing schools so you can take your zero carbon journey to the next step!   We are running monthly webinars, with each session including a small update from the […]

1000 Schools, 1000s of Stories

We now have more than 1,000 schools, colleges and nurseries signed up to the Let’s Go Zero campaign! All of them are showing their ambition to be zero carbon by 2030.  Ready to join them – sign up today. We’re incredibly proud to be working with over 1,000 schools from across England, Scotland, Wales and […]