Take action to reduce your school's carbon impact now, and start seeing and measuring the benefits.

You can take action to reduce cut your school’s carbon impact and inspire students right away.

This spring, we’ll release a bespoke action planning tool with Transform Our World to make this process even easier. But until then, here are some great resources every school can use. 

Bring sustainability and the environment into your classroom using teacher-rated resources from Transform our World. These include individual lesson and assembly plans as well as full-scale year-long programmes.

Engaging children and young people with these topics gives them a positive sense of action about the climate emergency.

Transform Our World have brought together handy collections about key sustainability issues here.


Transform Our World have also highlighted engaging and impactful programmes that can lower your carbon emissions, with opportunities for staff and student to play their part.

Browse the collection and discover:

  • School-specific energy analysis tools and energy education programmes
  • School-based projects that support biodiversity and the natural world
  • Fun, interactive water saving and waste cutting missions
  • Opportunities to improve air quality through collective action
  • Programmes to equip the next generation of environmental leaders.

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