Let’s Go Zero school action:
Bishop Wood Primary, England

Bishop Wood Primary started their climate action journey through engaging their students in active and sustainable travel. In 2022 they won the Modeshift STARS award for Primary School for Longevity. They are now also taking on other initiatives such as: 

  • A student led Eco-Council 
  • Students who are responsible for turning lights and electronics off 
  • Eco-warriors encouraging no single use plastic for snacks that are bought into the school. 

Explore the Let’s Go Zero map to see where else teachers, students and school communities are taking action to become zero carbon by 2030.

The teachers and students leading the action:

Children are so proud of themselves for being sustainable and it’s great when you do the survey again and you see the difference you’re making.”

Janet Reeve
Healthy Schools Coordinator  

What are they doing in their school?

Bishop Wood have been promoting sustainable travel since 2009 and have won multiple awards including Modeshift STARS Primary School for Longevity Award. The school has managed to develop a culture for active travel with over 90% of students arriving to school through active and sustainable modes or transport.  

They take part in almost all the national initiatives such as The Big Walk and Wheel, Walk to School Week, Clean Air Day and Be Bright Be Seen.  Modeshift is a big part of the school’s successful drive topromote and achieve sustainable travel.  

The Ecowarriors undertook a snack survey to see how much plastic waste was being created by what the students bought in. They shared the results with the whole school who now have an aim to have no single use plastics on their snacks at all and are encouraging use of reusable boxes instead.  

Each class has two eco warriors who make sure the lights are turned off when no one is in the room and turns off all electronics when they are not being used.  Classes receive rewards such as extra playtime, for maintaining momentum throughout the year.