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Let’s Go Zero supports schools across the UK become zero carbon by 2030.

Our team are passionate about radical climate action – and want to empower schools to make it happen.

Let’s Go Zero Team

Alex Green

Head of Let's Go Zero

Alex is the Schools Lead for Ashden and leads on Let’s Go Zero 2030. She managed Ashden’s sustainable school awards and peer to peer LESS CO2 programme for 7 years before launching the Let’s Go Zero campaign in 2020.

Suzanne gibbon

Programme Coodinator

Suzanne helps to build the movement of change by engaging with local authorities and organisations. She also speaks with schools directly, collecting inspirational stories that have made strides on their path to zero carbon.

Alison Lasenby

Project officer

Alison works on the OVO Foundation Nature Prize, which awards schools for creative nature projects that inspire climate action and bring students closer to nature.

Suzy Van den Eynde

LGZ Coordinator

Suzy manages the Let’s Go Zero sign up process, liaising with campaign partners and participating schools

Sue Wheat

Press Lead

Sue shares the powerful examples of Let's Go Zero schools with media across the UK. When not working, she loves honing her green building skills.

Lucy Archer

Climate Action Advisors Project Manager

Lucy is the Project Manager for the Climate Action Advisors programme supporting schools on their journey to zero carbon. She manages a team of Climate Action Advisors who support school leaders, local authorities and others to carry out projects that reduce emissions, inspire young people and spark change in the wider community.

Max Evans

Grant coordinator

Max is a member of the Let's Go Zero team, supporting schools to reach zero carbon by 2030. He coordinates the Zero Carbon Fund which funds established programmes and projects who are helping schools in the UK to decarbonise.

Will Walker

Policy Lead

Will is a local and community energy specialist with 15 years' experience in a range of a policy and delivery roles, including central government where he was brought in to lead the development of the UK’s first Community Energy Strategy. 

Jo Walton

Director of Communications & People

Jo has been at Ashden since 2005 and is responsible for our communications. She is also a member of the Executive Management team with particular responsibility for HR. She is a keen gardener, dog walker and reader and trying to be a better piano player.

Fran Tute

Communications Officer

Fran manages Let's Go Zero social media channels, maintains the Let's Go Zero website, and shares relevant and inspiring stories.

Abigail Ray

Communications Co-ordinator

Abby uses her strategic storytelling and campaigning skills to support schools in lowering their emissions and inspiring students into climate action. With more than 20 years in national journalism across print and digital, as well as being a qualified marine biologist and anthropologist, Abby puts people at the heart of her stories.

Tara Choudhury

Project Assistant

Tara supports our Climate Action Advisors programme, helping schools across England on their journey to zero carbon. She works closely with our team of Climate Action Advisors, coordinating their work to encourage schools to sign up to the campaign and deliver change for the wider community.

Sam Owen

Digital Lead

Sam looks after Let's Go Zero's online presence, making sure our website is the best it can be, positioning Let's Go Zero as a bold voice for change across our digital channels, and growing our online community to maximise reach and impact.

Lucy Blackburn

Senior Corporate Partnerships Officer

Lucy is responsible for the stewardship of Let's Go Zero's corporate partners and fostering new relationships, both in the UK and internationally. At its heart this means the development of partnerships that are mutually beneficial and based on a shared commitment to sustainability.

Alex Seal

Climate Action Specialist

Alex helps to provide the most appropriate and effective guidance to our team of Climate Action Advisors by engaging with best practice and sharing examples of successful decarbonisation schemes more widely to inspire progress. He also speaks with wider partners directly, ensuring that the most up to date routes to zero carbon are shared widely and are accessible for all.

Dan Ritman

Impact Lead

Dan helps Let's Go Zero to ask and answer questions like, What difference are we making in the world? How can we tell? How can we strengthen our approach? He aims to embed curiosity, evidence and learning in our programme delivery and strategic thinking.

Climate Action Advisors

Jo Pettifer

East Midlands
Jo is a Climate Action Advisor Team Leader for the East and West Midlands, Her work includes supporting school leaders, local authorities and others to carry out projects that reduce emissions, inspire young people and spark change in the wider community.
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Rosie Pincott

East Midlands
Rosie was a science teacher in Portsmouth and Bangkok, where she developed environmental groups and delivered school projects to drive sustainability. She says it’s great to be part of a mission that aims to drive change in a meaningful way towards zero carbon, and to share the passion of the people around her.
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Cindi Blunt

East Midlands
Born and bred in Derbyshire, Cindi’s work has centered around environmental and local authorities, with fundraising, baking and voluntary work thrown in. Cindi has worked in schools over the years and seen first-hand how local authorities interact with schools and where the opportunities are.
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Sarah Mills

East Midlands
Having worked as a TV producer, secondary teacher, sustainability group leader, volunteer coordinator and fundraiser, Sarah is looking forward to tapping into all of this experience to help schools make the biggest possible impact on their carbon footprint in ways that make the most sense to their community.
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Jelly Mae Moring

East Midlands
Jelly has been working in the third sector for over a decade in housing research, programme management and sustainability management. She helps run a weekly walking bus at her son's school and she’s a member of the council at a parent climate movement supporting parents to take climate action in their community
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Kumari Kher

West Midlands
Kumari has specialised in mental health for children and as a health visitor for 18 years. Working in the community has given her an understanding of the inequality in schools and the importance of making a difference.
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Catherine Odell

South East and West
Catherine is the Team leader for South East and South West. She has worked with schools for 20 years, supporting them to explore global issues in ways that can really engage young people and amplify their voices to make positive change happen.
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Jasmine Newhouse

South East
Jasmine taught primary in London for five years, has always been passionate about outdoor learning, especially where green space is minimal. She’s an educational consultant, and worked with a range of organisations to develop programmes for climate action in colleges and schools
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Libby Terraz

South East
Libby has lived in Southampton for over 20 years. She has loved working with the super enthusiastic ‘Planet Protectors’ at her last school, where she was a primary music teacher. Libby even goes grocery shopping on her bike, and has been known to carry a watermelon back in the basket.
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Jen Gale

South West
Jen’s ‘ecopiphany’ came when she decided her family would buy nothing new for a year back in 2012. This opened her eyes to the issues facing the planet and how our own consumption decisions can make a difference. She created an online platform called ‘Sustainable(ish)’ which is focussed on imperfect eco-action for ordinary.
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Melanie Parr

South East
Mel has a degree in Wildlife Conservation and enjoys volunteering in the UK and abroad in animal rescue centres, planting trees, carrying out surveys, and tracking animals. She previously worked for a local authority on a range of environmental projects and campaigns.
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Paula Malone

South West
Paula has been a primary school teacher and worked with Energy Sparks. She’s a trustee of Wicked Weather Watch, a charity focused on inspiring children to take climate action. She’s passionate about empowering children to take positive action.
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William Ewens

South West
Will has worked in education for 19 years, most recently as a headteacher of two schools in Somerset. He has a great understanding of the challenges that school leaders are under and has these in mind when supporting schools. Will uses an electric bike, electric car, solar PV array and battery at home, with an intention to become carbon neutral.
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Oci Stott

Oci says this is her dream job because it combines her experience in urban planning and sustainability and her previous role as a secondary school teacher, teaching in London for 13 years.
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Holly Campbell

Holly has an MSc in Sustainable Urbanism, and worked at the UK Green Building Council as a Sustainability Learning and Leadership Advisor. For that role she developed educational resources, tools, guidance and courses on sustainability for professionals in the built environment and construction industry.
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William Cappuyns

William has a Masters in Urban and Environmental Management so is skilled in creating sustainable and resilient solutions to different urban and environmental challenges. He taught for a year and has worked in the water and sanitation sector for three years. He’s excited about teaching the future generation to be “climate smart”.
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Luciana de Almeida

East of England
Luciana worked with primary schools in Essex getting school children to lead on energy saving. She has extensive carbon reduction experience with local authorities and has led a collective purchasing scheme for solar panels.
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Anna Orridge

Anna was the Green Co-ordinator at the Harris Federation, an education charity led and run by teachers. She’s on the steering committee of Croydon Climate Action, installing air monitors at schools and planting trees in nature-deprived areas. Her passion is inspiring climate action through story telling.
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Jeremy Williams

East of England
Jeremy has been writing articles and books about climate change and how we respond to it for over a decade.
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