Let’s Go Zero school action:
Blaenavon Heritage VC Primary School, Wales

Eight years ago, Blaenavon Heritage VC Primary set out on a journey to become more sustainable and eco-friendlier. They have taken part in several initiative and projects around the school to reduce their carbon footprint including:

  • Reducing the amount of waste, they throw away including reducing plastic waste by 65%.


  • Have taken part in the national Walk to School Week and Big Pedal.


  • Improved biodiversity in their school grounds and local area.

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The teachers and students leading the action:

“We are extremely passionate and committed to reducing our carbon footprint and becoming as eco friendly as we can possibly be.”

Nikki Westwood,
HLTA, Eco coordinator, Forest school leader

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“There’s still a lot more to do, to help the planet, but if we all start making positive changes now we can make the world a better place and protect it for many generations to come”


What are they doing in their school?

The school takes part in the Big Pedal ac Walk to School Week which helps to reduced their carbon footprint, improved the air quality around their school and improved student and staff health.

The school has reduced it’s plastic waste by over 65% by taking part in the lunch box challenge. This is where students are encouraged to change from disposable plastic to reusable items.

The school has also manged to prevent over 40% of their black bags going to landfill by recycling paper and plastic.

The students have planted pollinator plants and created wildlife friendly habitats. Encouraging wildlife to live and thrive in their school grounds.

The school is currently working on producing workbooks and activities that will be adopted by 20 other schools in the local community, to help them become more sustainable and decarbonise.

Students decided to hold litter picks in and around the school, with positive feedback from the local community. Over the years they have collected hundreds of bags of rubbish and in doing so have protected their local wildlife community.